Acute Illness Treatment in Berwyn Heights, MD

Allegis Healthcare Clinic Offers Acute Illness Treatment for Minor Illnesses Near You Such As Allergies, Infections and Burns. Check Our Specials. Let Us Help You Feel Your Best! Call Now for More Information. We Are Conveniently Located at 6201 Greenbelt Rd, M18 Berwyn Heights, MD 20740.

What is considered an acute illness?

An acute illness is one which suddenly occurs and has a rapid onset. Usually, these illnesses resolve quickly on their own or with medical treatment or intervention, they are defined by their rapid onset and/or a short duration of the illness itself and these illnesses can affect or occur in any of the body’s systems.

Certain examples of acute illnesses include strep throat and influenza (the flu), and some do not require medical treatment or hospitalization. Acute illnesses also include bacterial and viral infections, along with sudden and short-lived physical symptoms. Medical treatment and intervention is not always necessary but can help mitigate the worst of the symptoms and speed recovery.

Some of the most common acute illnesses include but are not limited to: urinary tract infections; pneumonia; croup; bronchiolitis; bronchitis; asthma; and sinusitis. Acute illnesses are usually caused by a virus or infection but can also result from an accident – broken bones, for instance, are classed as an acute injury, as they happen suddenly and heal with time and medical intervention and treatment.

How long does an acute illness last?

An acute illness comes on rapidly and has distinct symptoms that may require urgent or short-term care and usually improve once they are treated. Usually, acute illnesses last from anywhere between a few days to a week or two, depending on the illness and the individual affected. In some cases, an acute illness – such as the common cold – will go away on its own with little more than bedrest and over the counter medications. Those who contract an acute illness will, usually, recover quickly.

What is the difference between acute and chronic disease?

The difference between chronic and acute disease is the onset and duration. Acute diseases have a rapid onset and usually improve and go away with treatment – be it medical or simple over the counter remedies. Either acute injuries require urgent or short-term care, or simply go away on their own with little need for medical intervention. Chronic conditions, on the other hand, are slow to develop and progress over time; they may have several signs or show no symptom presentation at all.

Unlike acute conditions, chronic conditions are not curable, but can be controlled and managed through a healthcare regime or plan. The healthcare required of a chronic disease may include medication, a healthier lifestyle and diet, physical or occupational therapy, or complementary treatments, which may include acupuncture or meditation. While some chronic conditions can be prevented by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, others are influenced by hereditary or other risk factors. Some of the more common chronic diseases include arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes (both type 1 and type 2), heart disease, high blood pressure, and chronic kidney disease.

Putting it simply, acute illnesses develop suddenly and have a short duration, whereas chronic conditions develop slowly and usually worsen over a period of time – from months to even years. Chronic conditions are treatable, but cannot be cured, and must be managed by a patient and their healthcare professional; medications and lifestyle changes or adjustments may be required to help manage the symptoms of a chronic disease, while there may be other steps taken to help with its management.

If you are suffering from an acute illness and require medical advice or treatment, then Allegis Healthcare is here to help. Call us for more information or visit our website online to book an appointment. We are located at 6201 Green Belt, RD Ste M18 Berwyn Heights, MD 20740.

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