Vaccinations in Berwyn Heights, MD

Here at Allegis HealthCare Clinic, Our Medical Experts and Professionals provide Vaccinations to Help You Achieve and Maintain Full Immunization Protection near You! Call Us Now for More Information. Please Call Us Now for More Information. We are Conveniently Located at 6201 Greenbelt Rd, M18 Berwyn Heights, MD 20740.

Why do we need to vaccinate?

Vaccines are an important part of strengthening your immune system – which is what destroys pathogens, disease-causing germs – when they invade your body. If your immune system is not strong enough or quick enough to prevent the invading pathogens, then you get sick or ill. Vaccines are an important part of stopping you from falling ill or for lessening the severity of the illness; they work by strengthening and training the immune system so that it is capable of fighting the vaccinated disease effectively and quickly in the future. The vaccine imitates an infection, which then goes on to protect you against the real thing in the future.

Vaccines protect us from dangerous diseases – such as hepatitis, cholera, measles, and polio. They also protect the most vulnerable members of our society through something known as herd immunity – the more people who are vaccinated, the lower the chances are that dangerous diseases will circulate within the community – which protects those who are too young to vaccinate, the elderly, and those who cannot vaccinate due to health concerns such as a compromised immune system.

Additionally, vaccines can help with limiting drug resistance as overuse and misuse of such drugs as antimicrobial drugs has caused infections to become immune or resistant to them, which makes them more dangerous. By preventing possible infections through vaccination, vaccines reduce the chances of diseases to develop drug resistances. Vaccines also can help with controlling the spread of possible epidemics, if they are ready for when diseases appear.

How do vaccines keep you healthy?

Vaccines work by exposing your immune system to antigens – which are markers that identify foreign substances in the body – from a pathogen, which can be a virus or a bacterium that can cause a specific disease. When your immune system encounters an antigen, they respond. The response consists of B cells which make antibodies that bind to the antigens, disable them, and mark them for destruction; then, T cells attack and destroy the body’s cells that have already been infected by the pathogen.

At the same time as the immediate response is happening, your body also produces a type of long-lived white blood cells – which are known as memory T cells and memory B cells. These cells remember what antigens have been encountered and if your body and immune system encounters these antigens again, these memory cells allow for you to mount a strong response against that pathogen, so you are less likely to fall ill. Vaccines work by causing this response in the body – they essentially teach your immune system how to respond to a specific pathogen so that it knows how to respond to it in the future, which helps to prevent you from becoming ill as a result.

What shots are needed for preschool?

The vaccines that are required or needed for a child entering preschool may depend on your state. However, there are some which are highly recommended and if you have any questions about which vaccines your child should receive and when, you should speak with your family doctor or with your primary care provider or physician. That being said, here are the vaccines that may typically be required for your child to enter preschool or child care: polio; diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (DTaP); haemophilus influenzae type b; measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR); hepatitis B; and varicella (chickenpox).

If you are looking for a clinic that administers vaccines in Berwyn Heights, MD area, then look no further than Allegis Health Care. We specialize in primary and preventative care. To book an appointment with us, you can request one online at our website or call us today.

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