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Do you have a minor illness or injury that you think a doctor should look at? Stop worrying and take action. Schedule your appointment and get comprehensive diagnostic and assessment services, plus treatment options if applicable.

Find out the facts about Sexual Transmitted  Disease

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic STI or you’re worried you may have recently been at risk, we can help diagnose and treat your ailments.

How can we help you
  • Minor illnesses and injuries
  • Illnesses, aches, and pains
  • Sexual Transmitted Disease
  • Acute illnesses
  • Skin conditions
  • Minor urgent care illnesses
How does  your skin condition looked like?

Do you have a rash that’s appeared out of nowhere and won’t seem to go away? Have you noticed a blemish or mole on your skin that you haven’t noticed before? These are issues that require a professional health practitioners to diagnosis to ensure there’s nothing wrong.

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There’s no need to worry about your health. Come to A&T Family Medical LLC for the answers you need.